Online Testing and Training

plum appointments has invested in online testing and training software to enable our candidates to be fully prepared for any new role. 

Skills Testing and Training

Our investment in FastPath skills testing helps to progress candidates through the pre-employment selection process. We have found that skills testing sets a candidate application above the rest enabling increased positive feedback when progressing through the employer selection process. Combining the use of standard skills and knowledge based questioning we can test the following  areas:

- General secretarial and office skills

- Call centre skills

- IT and technology skills

- General ability and knowledge levels

- Foreign language skills

- Accountancy

We can also write bespoke tests to suit a particular industry or employer, for more information on bespoke tests please email us here

To further help our candidates we can provide online training in key packages, from novice to advanced our packages will increase knowledge and skill levels. FastPath is administered as a web based application and assessments can be launched either in our office or at any remote location allowing the freedom of when and where the assessments and training are undertaken.

Personality Profiling

We also offer psycometric profiling to our candidates. Our system is designed to produce a detailed picture of a personality and, when added to a C.V. gives a complete picture to the prospective employer. The profile is completed in our offices and takes approximately 15 minutes and is offered to temporary and permanent candidates alike. At the end of the questionnaire a print off can be provided to take away which details:

- Results graphs - showing internal, external, summary and shift patterns

- Traits - showing strong. weak, simulated and stress levels 

- Textual report - which details an overview, personality adaption, advantages & disadvantages, interpersonal skills & relationship management, decision making, organisation & planning, motivation and managing style.

To find out more about our personality profiling please email us here  

" All of these services are offered to our candidates at no charge as part of our commitment to providing the best standards of care and service at all times "

Lynda Huxham MIRP CertRP MIoD, Managing Director